Monday, July 2, 2007

An old post.

(written on June 30th, but not posted til a few days later)

Alrighty. Since I can’t get internet, I’m “blogging” in Word. Don’t tell anyone – I’m already geeky enough! I’m in the hostel lounge, watching the season premiere of Dr. Who with a girl from Atlanta. I have no idea what’s going on with the show, but at least I’m seeing it before KATIE! HAH! I so totally rock.

I talked to one of my roommates, a grandma from the Lake District. She consoled me, and the girl from Quebec, telling us that the amount of rain we’re getting is unordinary. And then, I watched the news, which told me all about the flooding to the north and the car bombings in the south. I think I’ll stay put tomorrow instead of going to Cambridge and London, like I had considered.

Still no sign of my luggage. But then again, I haven’t checked since I last wrote. I’m debating wasting some of the minutes on my phone card to call BA’s luggage hotline, but maybe I’d rather be surprised tomorrow. Then, at least, I won’t be tempted to run over to BNC tonight in the rain to see for myself.

Having the day to wander and do my own thing was lovely. I definitely think I’m a solo traveler (except I missed Sean terribly). It’d be fun with family or Kate or a good friend, but when I’m strapped to someone I sort of know and feel obligated to stay with them… not so fun. I’m sure any logical person would agree.

So! The hostel. It’s much nicer than I expected, and their food is freakin’ delicious! I might even come back (sneakily) tomorrow night just for their bread and butter pudding. I HAD ENGLISH FOOD! SCORE! Oh, and did you know there are about 38,000 Elvis impersonators in the UK? And, my Georgia friend just told me there’s a Dr. Who shop somewhere.

Speaking of awesome shops, I went to the Alice in Wonderland shop today. In fact, it was the first place in the UK, out of all of the amazing sites, which I chose. Like I already said, I’m a geek. The shop is ADORABLE!!! Lots of cute, touristy things to waste my pounds on. I made it out of there and spent under 10 pounds. Amazing, eh? I’ve also managed to still not buy any Oxford Uni regalia or union jack stuff. But, I did have a delicious nutella crepe today on Queen Street.

I ran into a whole group of kids from OU today, as they arrived at BNC for early check-in. I’m not going to check in until tomorrow morning, though. I already paid for the night here at the hostel, so I might as well stay. Plus, the 2 day bus pass I bought will get me there in no time in the morning, after another delicious hostel breakfast!

It’s much nicer to type on an American keyboard again. Their @ key is in a crazy place, as is the “ key. I should really get back to Macbeth. Or Dr. Who. Yeaaaah, I’m going to watch TV for a while. Gotta quit while I still have power left on my laptop.

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