Saturday, July 7, 2007

Alright, I've got some time, so I'll try and put in as many good pics as I can, and also try to explain them. Ready? Set.... Go!

First off, I moved my room's furniture around a bit. I doubt you care, but it made me happyful!

And, here's my awesome new pair of shoes (which gave me a bit of a blister, but it was worth it).

Next are a few pictures from Christ Church College. The dining hall is the one from the Harry Potter movies! Plus, there are lots of ties to the Alice in Wonderland story at this site. The real Alice's father was the Dean, and the school was her playground. Lewis Carroll was a family friend, and pulled lots of ideas from his time spent playing with little Alice. The tree at the wall is where the original tree was, where Alice had lessons and played with he cat (Dinah). The white rabbit was modeled after Alice's father, who after dinner in the hall would disappear down a little spiral staircase behind the head table. Lots more, but here's the pics.

Arrrgh. Inputting pictures is so tedious! I quit.

I'll continually put pictures onto my account. Here's the link: It's probably easier for all involved to see my pictures there!

Sorry. Pictures did not transfer when I reposted this into my new(er) blog.

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