Sunday, July 8, 2007


Let's flashback, shall we?

January 2007 - I slipped on Michigan Ave and mangled my ankle, really badly. Instead of getting it checked out, I just wore Sean's aircast for a while. It took about a month or two to really feel right again. I probably should have gone to the doctor, but I'm dumb.

2 Days before flying out - I slipped on Michigan Ave AGAIN, this time with Bret. Same ankle went sideways and cracked. It wasn't quite as bad as the last time, but it still hurt like the devil. It took me about a day and a half to recover. It still hurts a bit, but I'm nearly better.

1:30am, last night - Took a wrong step somehow and did the same to the other ankle. GAH! It hurts, and it's weird because this ankle is usually my good one. So now I have to hobble around. I'm tempted to just stay holed up in my room all day and feel sorry for myself, but I can't let that happen.

I'm alright, except for my ankle(s). Last night, the Oakland group all hung out and watched a movie in Joe's room. Then, after that ended most people went to bed, but Joe and I went wandering. On the way back to BNC I screwed up my ankle, so that put a damper on our strolling. It's good that we don't have any sort of field trip today. However, tomorrow is Stratford-upon-Avon. I think I'll be alright enough to roam around there.

I guess I don't have much to say, other than I hate my weak ankles. If you're looking for pictures, I put a bunch up on my flickr account. Scroll down a few posts - I put the address to that at the bottom of a recent post.

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