Monday, July 9, 2007

Oh, the irony...

I sprained my ankle again.

This is getting ridiculous.

I've given in, and am now wearing one of those hard-sided air casts.

Even though my ankle was the size of a tennis ball and all of the colours of the rainbow, I went to Stratford-upon-Avon today. We saw the most brutal, violent version of Macbeth I've ever heard of. Dead babies hanging from the rafters, and everything. I'm still not quite sure what I think of it.

But, on a happier note, I had the most amazing cheesecake in the world today. This was the tipping point - I've decided I want to move to England so that I can eat chocolate truffle or banana cheesecake all day long while punting on the Thames and shopping. It'll be lovely.

I'll try to do a better update tomorrow. I should have time, since most of my group is going to London for the afternoon. I opted not to go so that I could save money, but now it's good, since my ankle is busted again.

It's 20 past midnight, and breakfast starts early in the morning. Time for bed!

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