Monday, July 2, 2007

The Update

So, here's a run-down of happenings.

  • Got my internet to work!
  • Got my luggage (finally) from Northwest/British Airways with nearly everything intact. Some nail polish opened up, but nothing was ruined.
  • Skipped going to the pub in order to do homework. Blah.
  • Decided that my best course of action will be to get a pay-as-you-go cell for about 30 pounds, since my cell phone is a piece of junk. (And, I can get a cute new phone!)
  • Oxford is AMAZING!
  • Moved into Brasenose College (BNC). My room has an awesome view of a gigantic stained glass window belonging to the church next door. Once I get a chance, I'll post pictures of the room, and whatever else is on my camera.
  • Bought a present for daddy!
  • Mailed out postcards to relatives and the guys. Still have to do that for everyone else.
  • Figured out the general layout of the city.
  • Got tix to the HP5 movie, for next week, with Christie. Should be cool. Did you know that when you buy movie tix, they even tell you what part of the theatre you have to sit in? Bizzare.
  • Also bizzare - the UK has about 38,000 Elvis impersonators. Just so ya know.
  • Saw real, live British guys playing cricket in the park!
  • Also saw BNC guys playing croquet on the quad. How pimp is that?!
So yeah. I'm alive. I've been spending more than I should, but a lot of it is startup costs and will be partially reimbursed at the end, when I sell my appliances to "B-Con". Hahahahaha! I hope Joe reads that! Sweet.

Took a little tour of the town today, led by Connery. It's much more compact than I thought. Plus, the weather gets better each day. The weekend is supposed to be beautiful!

Alright, I'm going to go and try to get ahold of my parents, or something. I'll start posting pictures soon, hopefully!

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