Friday, July 6, 2007

Picture Post!

As I promised, here's a few pictures from the beginning of the week. This first one is my little room. Quaint, eh? It's small, but I like it! Some people got massive, fancy rooms with sitting areas and whatnot. Speaking of Fancy... Joe even has a piano in his!!! But I like mine just the same. The view is awesome. Wanna see?

This amazing, gigantic stained glass window is what I see every day. It's really huge - I wish the picture did it justice. It's the big show-window in St. Mary's church, just next door. From where I'm sitting, my window frames it perfectly. Very cool!

Looking to the left from my window, you can see that roundish building. See it? That's the Radcliffe Camera, often the symbol of Oxford and Oxford University. It's really cool, and what makes it even cooler is that none of us can go into it. It's reserved only for true Ox students as a massive study hall. Maybe I'll try and find a way to sneak in.

Looking right, I can see High Street - the main street of old Oxford. It's very cool, with lots of shoe shops! I'm really getting the hang of this town, and have yet to get too lost. But, even if I were to wander too far, it's really easy to find your way back.

And then below is New Quad, the larger of the two quads at Brasenose. I'll get more pictures of BNC and it's interior sometime soon. But, for now, at least you can see that I'm not just hiding out in northern Michigan, or something!

Alright, that's all for now. I've got about an hour to work on Shakespeare. Early next week, we're going to Stratford-upon-Avon to see Macbeth, and I'm really excited. Then, on Thursday we're all going to London and seeing Love's Labours Lost at the Globe. Woo-hoo!!! Then, on Friday, lots of us are going to see the new Harry Potter movie.

This weekend, I'm not really sure what I'll be doing. Probably catching up on homework and wandering around. I'd like to sleep in on Sundays, but it's alright that I can't, because I have the coolest alarm ever. The choirs and organ at the massive old church next door (St. Mary's) echo all around BNC on Sunday mornings, and in the evenings as well. Very cool to wake up to! In fact, the stairwell which my room is located in is named after St. Mary's. I'm all the way at the top! A bit of a hike, but it's good for me. And, I'm eating much better now that I'm here. We all are. Lots of fruit and a good balanced dinner (except the "salad" is awful) and I think everyone is now addicted to coffee.

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