Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm alive! And, I'm using an English keyboard, so bare with me if things get typo-ish. I think I can handle it, though.

So. I'm in Oxford, and tomorrow I check in at Brasenose College. Until then, I'll spend my second night at the hostel. Northwest lost my luggage. Yeah. So I have one more clean outfit before I really need to worry. Also, the hostel does not have internet ... so that's the reason for my delay. I'm avoiding my email, since I'm sure it's jammed.

The enter key is so hard to find!

Oh, and my cell phone doesn't work.
And my flight was extremely delayed getting into London.

But other than that, I'm alright. The city is nice (but huuuge), and the weather is pretty damn entertaining. I could sit in the hostel and watch it and laugh, but I have far better things to do.

Sorry for the short post. Hopefully BNC's internet will work tomorrow. For now, I have to try to track down my baggage, figure out my cell problem, and email a few people who probably think I'm dead.

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