Thursday, February 5, 2009

Secret things.

I've caved. Here's the '25 Things' Facebook meme..

1. I've lived on campus at my small commuter-based university for five years.

2. I began college as an Elementary Ed. major. Then I switched to Secondary Ed. Then I switched to Pre-K/Early Childhood Development. Then Journalism. Then English. Then, I added on a B.A. in History and a concentration in American Studies, and I'm nearly done.

3. I actually enjoy having a broken cell phone. I'm less attainable, that way.

4. I have a book-buying problem, and this year's resolution is to control my buying habits by only getting books that "fit into my collection," which is a rather broad classification. This works to my benefit, but doesn't help my bank account very much.

5. I subsist on about $70 or $80 a week in paychecks, and the kindness of my parents.

6. I've tried to make the switch from coffee to tea, but I just can't handle it.

7. I have too many "hobbies," like decoupage and card making, that I don't actually practice due to time restrictions.

8. I watch junky MTV/VH1 reality shows when no one else is around. They're fun!

9. I like corned beef hash. The kind that comes in the can.

10. I consider myself to be a Nerdfighter, and started watching John and Hank Green in May of 2007. I was an early NFer! (Google them. Please.)

11. I've tried to remove my Facebook account three times, but I keep getting pulled back in. The same goes for Myspace, but to a lesser degree.

12. I only talk to about 5 people who graduated from my high school. For the most part, I've tried to cut myself off from that crowd, which makes going home rather boring.

13. I studied abroad at Brasenose College, within the University of Oxford, for a summer. While I'd like to say that it weas an UofO program, it was really just an OU professor teaching in an Oxford classroom. Still, amazing and life-changing.

14. I pour a little milk into every bowl of ice cream. It makes it tastier!

15. I hate heat. I hate cold. I have internal temperature issues, which cause me to overheat at least once a day.

16. When I get sick, I get really sick. On a related note, I think I'm getting sick. Sore throat, stuffy nose... here we go.

17. I'm naturally a suck-up. I find my professors interesting, and like to go during office hours. Apparently, this is not normal.

18. I don't have a car. Seriously. It's all thanks to horrible nightmares and an intense fear of failure.

19. I have the most wonderful fiancè. And, I just spent about 3 minutes guessing at the alt+number combos to find that accented 'e'. Close enough.

20. I start my day with the Today Show, and end it with Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Jay Leno, and Conan O'Brien. It's affecting my health.

21. I'm so passive aggressive, it's embarrassing.

22. I overuse commas and exclamation marks - a dirty habit.

23. I love M&Ms, and always have a bag nearby at home.

24. I used to be really into writing Harry Potter fan-fictions and online role-playing. Sure, it may be funny now, but it also made me the person that I am today.

25. Suzanne Somers's Thigh Master always fascinated me, and I played with it when I was bored, as a little girl.

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