Saturday, February 7, 2009

Libraries are COOL?! - Fox News

I logged into the Internet this afternoon at my parents' house, and came across a video newsbite* from Fox News. The reporter visited a public library in Chicago, and made many stereotypical comments, followed by touching on rather important issues.

Public libraries are "making a comeback," he said with a grin. This is thanks to their great free resources, like dvds and cds, as well as job-searching tools and Internet access. I was worried that books would not even be mentioned, but then they panned to a display of budget living books. The reported pushed the themes of free stuff, new technologies, and friendly people waiting ready to help patrons. Yes!

In this downtrodden economy, the report cited record levels of attendance and circulation over the last few days/weeks (that bit was unclear). This is the second time this week that I've heard a news reporter championing libraries for their free and new movies. I wonder how many non-library people are hearing this?

At the end, the reporter also mentioned how this Chicago library is quite well funded and up-to-date, while many of the nations libraries are "in jeopardy". Gov. Granholm's announcement of a funding cut to all Michigan museums and libraries hasn't really sunk in, I'm afraid. I've heard next to nothing about it on the news and radio. I'm hoping that the local papers have picked up on that story, but I haven't sat down to thumb through the stack, yet.

As I mentioned, I'm home for the weekend after a busy week on campus. I saw Kym Worth, the Wayne County Prosecutor, speak about life and the Kwame drama. Late this week I'll make a post about that. My brain is fried, and I was struck down by the cold that's going around (and around, and around).

*The link didn't work as I wanted it to, but while searching for a new one, I found this article about job resources and public libraries. I'll try searching again, later.

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