Sunday, December 14, 2008

This weekend I've finished two "pretty good" books. Since January 1st, I've read 48 books.

First was Diane Setterfield's The Thirteenth Tale, a wonderful novel with a charming heroine. I very much enjoyed it, and plan to pass it along to my good friend. Lots of references to Dickens, Collins, Austen, and the world of rare books and manuscripts. Throw in biography, and you've captured my heart!

Then, I plucked The Bookshop (Penelope Fitzgerald) from my stack of TBRs. It was alright, but certainly not as good as The Thirteen Tale. 1960s England, a lonely woman, a bookshop, and so much passive aggression in her small town, that I felt nervous throughout the book. The characters were interesting, and there was a bit of mystery until the end. Still, I don't think I'll recommend or return to this novel any time soon.

Mitch Albom has a stirring editorial in the Freep today, shaming the senators who fight against the Big 3 Bailout.

I think I may have lost a bit of weight.

Time to go pack up and head back to HTP, after an extended weekend with Sean.

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