Thursday, June 7, 2012

Russell Means, Lakota Leader, on the Alex Jones InfoWars Show

A recent 15-minute clip from InfoWars, 
featuring Russell Means and his insights on 
America's debt crisis, our love of convenience, 
constitutional history, the impending economic collapse 
and how Americans have lost their critical thinking skills.

Where exactly is the line between fear mongering 
and speaking the truth, or speaking from the heart?

It's easier to keep chugging along, 
to ignore those outspoken activists who
frighten us with their personal truths. 

Doing what was easiest won't help you a lick 
if things do continue to fall apart.

I haven't watched this yet,
but here's a link to Means's documentary,
Welcome to the Reservation.
Streaming free, on YouTube!

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