Friday, June 8, 2012

Adversaria 2

Ad`ver*sa"ri*a\, n. pl. [L. adversaria (sc. scripta)]  
A miscellaneous collection of notes, remarks, or selections;  
a commonplace book; also, commentaries or notes.

The following is a passage from the end of "renowned patriot" Senator Jack B. Tenney's "Mind-Washing in America: A Conspiracy against Liberty". This slim booklet was first published in 1953 and distributed by the Christian Nationalist Crusade. Tenney argues that "villainous lobbying is being done" in the American political system, resulting in Big Money being spent in inappropriate ways. Tenney blames a collection of wealthy Jewish evil-doers working together, an invisible hand guiding the American government. I abhor Tenney's fear-fueled anti-Semitic message. However, the following two paragraphs are gems.

"Under ordinary circumstances the efforts of a small, almost infinitesimal fraction of society to "brain wash" the overwhelming majority of its fellow citizens or build insane asylums for them would be incredible and fantastically funny. But these are not ordinary circumstances nor ordinary times. We are in the Age of Great Delusion - when black appears white, and white appears black - when the sane are made to appear insane and the insane act as the world's psychiatrists; where, in a world of folly it is folly to be wise; - where, in the land of the blind, clear vision is a handicap.

It can happen, but it won't - because the age of delusion passes away. Things that are not what they appear become what they are and children are capable of brushing the scales from the eyes of their elders by pointing out the nakedness of the Emperor and the fraud of his non-existing suit of miraculous cloth. Clear vision must inevitably out-wit the instincts of the blind and those who dared be wise in a time of folly will be honored for the folly of having been wise."

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