Thursday, March 1, 2012


So, Audrey, what have you been up to?

A nasty cold struck me down early last week, 
and it has taken me more than week to fully recover.
I'm almost there.
Spring is coming, 
or so it feels since I last worked at the Garden.
That was the first day I began feeling better.
It did me a good to go work in the hoop house
and dig in the dirt for a few hours.

Derf, hungry for Spring.

 Books have been my friends these past two weeks.
I have about 15 pages left to read in my first 
Orson Scott Card novel, Seventh Son.

The next few books in my line-up:
The Garden Intrique by Lauren Willig
Wildwood by Colin Meloy, illustrated by Carson Ellis

This morning I finished one of a few projects
that have kept my hands busy while I was stuck indoors.
It's a rag rug made out of some brightly-colored bed sheets.
At first it seemed complex, but this crochet circle is
so utterly simple to make.
I want to make another!

 Measures approximately 40 inches in diameter.

Feeling crafty?
 You can get the gist of it by watching this video.
If you need a little guidance, let me know.

Sean came home from work today with this:

Looks like tonight will be Bananapalooza, Version 2.0.
Time for a few loaves of Banana Bread
Maybe Russ and the guys will be kind enough to 
take one with them on their spring break adventures.
Stop by our place in the next few days 
and I will force-feed you muffins until you flee.
I will hunt you by your trail of delicious banana-flavored 
crumbs and offer you one more, "for the road."

Some other weird things that happened to me
this week include being interviewed for a
student-made documentary about Curious, 
 nearly killing my two African violets (again), 
playing on Facebook far too much, and 
gearing up for the quickly-approaching
in Lansing on April 1st. (No fooling!)

My question:
Who are you, reading this?
Blogger offers a faint picture of 
my "readership" with the statistics page,
but in this time of increased internet-identity awareness, 
I wish I knew a bit more about who is behind 
the handful of hits this blog accumulates.

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