Sunday, March 11, 2012

Flowers & Bunnies

 I've finally discovered a great place to 
pose and photograph those pretty paper flowers I made.

The fireplace mantel, of all places!
I set up a colorful array of flowers last month
 in an attempt to fight the winter blues.

So, I've just updated my Etsy store with these new 
photos and am hoping to add a few more listings soon.

I'll be premiering these flowers at the BIG BOOK SHOW!
Didn't I already mention this, though?
More about it later.

Now that Spring is truly creeping back
into the landscape, Sean and I have been
busy at The Garden.

Captain Kirk came through with a big surprise this week,
which as invigorated us even more.

If you live in the Lansing area and are itching
to get your hands dirty (or pet something soft),
you should consider joining us out at The Garden.
Get in touch with me, and I'll let you know
about some upcoming Work Parties.
We're a very welcoming group, 
and our numbers fluctuate between 4 and 20 
gardeners, depending on the time of year. 

Traditional community gardens are made up of
many individual plots maintained by their respective gardeners.

We're different.
We share!

If you show up and help a bit, 
we send you home with some tasty produce.
Simple as that.

Also, happy Centennial Anniversary
to the Girls Scouts of America!
 in Savannah, Georgia is one of my very
fondest memories. That city is gorgeous.

Russ, Sean and I biked the Hawk Island loop
of the River Trail this morning.
My ears nearly froze clean off of my head,
but otherwise it was perfect weather.
8.6 miles. Whooh!

Alright, we're off to our neighbor's tea party,
and then are headed to The Garden to work
and listen to MSU beat the crap out of Ohio State.

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