Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Etsy, or How I've Not Been Very Productive At All

More pre-mommy time at home has resulted more time spent (not "wasted"!) on artsy social networking sites.

If you want to keep up with my virtual inspiration boards, you can find me on Pinterest. Lately, I've used it to bookmark ideas for upcoming house projects, garden ideas... and gift ideas -- so don't go digging too deep! There's also cute stuff to be found on Baby Barton's Etsy Wishlist and my ever-evolving Etsy favorites list, Etsy Items I Adore. I'm slowly getting sucked in to what some people might define as "crunchy" mommy stuff, like Waldorf toys and simple living blogs. If you think that's neat, you might like this list of beautiful blogs I'm compiling.

My own Etsy shop, Hobgoblins, has been on the backburner these last two weeks. When I'm not scrambling to complete commissioned pieces, I'm deliberating over what social networking sites might be worth the investment of time, when it comes to marketing my shop and art online. Is Pinterest a good platform? What about Instagram? Should I become more involved in the Etsy community? Or, should I focus my time and energy locally, promote more in the local shops I have a relationship with, and work on a collection for a gallery show? (Yes, I probably should!)

Instead of being productive, I sit and THINK about being productive. Or, I look at other people being productive and pretend that it counts as personal productivity. All the while, my to-do list grows as quickly as the pile of neat things to add to my Etsy shop. Just when I think I should get back to work on a project, I remember that CHRISTMAS IS COMING. I should work on gifts. I should write. I should read that review book that arrived last week. I should write the review for the LAST review book. I should learn to knit. I should learn to make picture frames. Oh, and the baby will be here any day, now... at which point I just might lose all time and motivation.

And so I do nothing Etsy-related, and instead I go outside and work in the garden.

At least it's nice outside!

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