Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tomatoes Headed to Market! - Garden Update

I'm a nervous plant mamma this morning, as I prepare to send my tomato plants to market. I started far too many seeds this spring! We've planted about 30 tomatoes in the garden (a dozen varieties - all heirloom organic), which left me with 2 dozen extra plants in need of good homes.

The first dozen went fast, as did my extra egg plants and some peppers. These tomato remainders are headed to the South Lansing Farmers Market, and will be sold by our friend at the Clover Row Gardens booth (along with delicious homemade breads and herbs). I'm nervous! I hope these little plants find good homes. I'm sending along a nice tablecloth, in hopes that they'll stand out.


I'm also sending along a few extra Crimson Rambler Morning Glory plants, which Sean said I'm ABSOLUTELY NOT allowed to plant in the garden. Spoilsport!

Quick Garden Update:
 - The Hugelkultur bed is a success! Our summer squashes, pumpkins, melons and radishes are growing well, and loving this hot and rainy weather. A Hugelkultur tutorial post is forthcoming.
 - All new apple trees seem to have survived their planting, and are thriving. We have 9 trees, but the "official" definition of an orchard is 10 trees. So, what do we have, a "planned grouping" of apple trees? This seems like reason enough to get just one more...
 - Peas everywhere! Daily, I find myself glaring at the pea trellises. They're trying to strangle one another, and doing a damn good job of it.
 - Last weekend we installed DRIP IRRIGATION. It's pretty fabulous.
 - At long last, I've created a Facebook page to showcase the fruits of our labors. You can find photos of what we're doing, what we're making and what's growing at
 - IT'S TOO HOT! This spring became summer too quickly, and our salads suffer for it. The spinach is bolting and slightly bitter. The radishes are sending up shoots, eating up their own tasty roots in the process. The lettuce stands strong, thus far, but I suspect it will go to seed, soon. This weekend I'm planting an interesting, hot-weather spinach variety. Wish me luck!

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