Monday, September 10, 2012

Garden Update - With Photos!

September is quickly settling in at the garden, 
and with it comes lots of busy work and plenty of good food.

Sean and the guys finished fencing in our new lot,
and our water storage solutions are working well.

The parsnip seeds I "saved" have germinated,
I'm sore from crouching over the parsnip bed,
thinning out the many extra sprouts.

This summer, Poppin' Fresh has DOUBLED in size, 
after we acquired the lot to our north. 
We may soon make use of the lot to the south, too.

Word of the Learning Leaves gardens spreads slowly, 
and we've had some great new gardeners at the work parties!

A view from behind the hoop house.

Gorgeous onion blossoms!
Our repurposed baby crib, lending support to tasty green beans.
We have over a dozen varieties of tomatoes ripening!
Squash blossoms abound!
The squash are coming in fast and furiously.
Here's our stunted corn - mostly for decoration this year.
The rabbits love dandelions!

"Thing 1" can pack away a pile of dandelions in just a few minutes.

This spooky spider lives near the rabbit hutches.

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