Thursday, July 12, 2012

Adversaria 4

Ad`ver*sa"ri*a\, n. pl. [L. adversaria (sc. scripta)]  
A miscellaneous collection of notes, remarks, or selections;  
a commonplace book; also, commentaries or notes.
"Cynicism lacks any real conviction. 
It doesn't like the game as it's being played,  
and so it spoils it. At bottom, 
cynicism is a cheap and shoddy response to a life 
we are afraid to love because it might, for a time, be painful."
-Julia Cameron, The Sound of Paper, p. 7
"It is difficult to commit to living where we are, how we are. 
It is difficult and it is necessary. 
In order to make art, we must first make an artful life, 
a life rich enough and diverse enough to give us fuel. 
We must strive to see the beauty in where we are planted, 
even if we are planted somewhere that feels 
very foreign to our own nature."
- Julia Cameron, The Sound of Paper, p. 15

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