Sunday, January 22, 2012

Busy Sunday

It has finally happened!

I'm about 10 days behind schedule, but today I listed the first of many things in my Etsy store.
I'm not very happy with the photos, but I can't manage any better with my current set-up. 

I may resort to laying on the living room floor and using our wall as a backdrop. 
We still need to take down our Christmas tree, if that's the plan!

Now I need to figure out the best way to ship these safely, as they're so dang fragile.

Hectic, wonderful day. 
I woke up and managed to exercise on the bike trainer before breakfast, which is a first.
I made 2 loaves of bread, then cookies, and there is more baking in my near future.
The house is a mess, and we're all busy with our own projects. 
Sean has started work on a HUGE project: refinishing The Table.

I wish him lots of luck. He'll need it.

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