Thursday, December 1, 2011

Making Stuff, Selling Stuff, Burning Stuff

I've had blogs all over the web, mostly abandoned 
and buried by now. Some things, however, will never
disappear into the Google chasm....
This week, I've been focusing on a different form
of my internet identity. 
(Is that statement as pompous as it sounds?!)
Etsy. Etsy. Etsy.

Etsy and I go way back.
I think I first found it when I was looking for 
Artist Trading Cards... or maybe it was the jewelry.
Or the vintage clothes and home decor?

My-Sister-the-Artist and I could happily spend hours
trolling through the treasures to be found on Etsy.

(the aforementioned sister) 
has a respectable
amount of Etsy selling experience.
I'm more of an Ebay seller, myself.
Yesterday, I jumped ship.

There's nothing there, yet.
I'm taking this next month to work on
my "products" before "rolling out my line"
(Bwahahahah business speak is silly!)
in early January - just in time for 
Valentines Day!

Lansing was walloped with about 
8 inches of heavy, wet snow over 
a sheet of frozen rain.

 Our back yard - the bough is touching the ground, burdened.

Even with sidewalks, shoveling here is nowhere near as bad
as it was growing up, with that extra-long driveway!

Good thing I moved more than a few armloads of 
firewood into the garage, the previous morning!
I've quickly become the house's expert fire builder.

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