Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Happenings and Acquisitions

We're half-way through the month of April and I feel as though I've begun living a different life since April Fools' Day.

- I turned 25. I'm okay with it. I'm happy about it, actually. No sense bemoaning the aging process!

- We moved into an actual house. The Husband and I are thrilled! We have a back yard, and we've already planted spinach, swiss chard and snap peas. Photos to come soon, I expect. We have big plans for this place.

- I started taking mass transit. Until this month I've been a walker. I walked to and from work 95% of the year. Now that I'm a Lansing resident (rather than East Lansing), I'm taking CATA to and from work (and the shops). It's so much BETTER! Don't get me wrong, I'm still all about walking. The bus ride actually takes less time than walking from our old place, though. My fellow riders are a fascinating bunch. The bus comes every 10-15 minutes, so once I figure out the timing I'll have very little loitering to do.

- We're headed out to Detroit on Friday. The goal is to bring up the two massive book shelves that served me so well through adolescence. These 6'5 beasts will be the bones of our Study (It's NOT an OFFICE!). I'm just hoping that my books fit. I don't think that all of them will...

- With this new house comes the space for a real art area! Sean is looking forward to pulling out the oil paints and easel, and I'm itching to cover my fingers with Mod Podge. I used to take part in a few online art swap communities. I want back in!

- IT'S SPRING! Mid-Michigan is finally turning green.

Once these book shelves are in place, I'd like to fix my LibraryThing to reflect my current collection. That's one hell(o kitty) of a project, though...

It's raining books.
I've just finished Amanda Foreman's Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire. It took me a month to get through, but was well worth it. Now, I'm mincing my way through Eden's Outcasts: The Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Father, by John Matteson. It's good, but difficult to read on the bus. The Boss-Man passed along copies of Hana Samek Norton's The Sixth Surrender, Anne O'Brien's The Virgin Widow and Mitzi Szereto's Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Lusts (which sounds... interesting). I also have Octavia Butler's Kindred, which I've been saving for a while.

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